Indigo Ashley is an intuitive sound healer ​and fine artist in Boulder, Colorado.

She creates meditative sound journeys to ​bring harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

Sound Healing Benefits

Sound Healing is a Powerful Tool that Positively Influences Our Mind, Body, and Spirit


Helps to relieve anxiety, stress, and ​depression. Promotes relaxation by ​slowing brain waves. Improves ​focus, the ability to concentrate, ​and increases happiness.


Helps to normalize blood pressure, ​relax muscle tension, and relieve ​inflammation. Helps to balance the ​nervous system and release ​emotional trauma.


Promotes deep meditation and ​activates higher states of ​consciousness. Awakens inner ​wisdom. Opens, clears, and aligns ​chakra energies.


Sound Bath

Perfect for Corporate Events

This offering is an acoustic sound bath that ​promotes relaxation and mental clarity that ​will leave attendees refreshed and ready to ​focus. The intentional harmonic alignment of ​the crystal singing bowls will provide natural ​frequencies that infuse the body and return ​it to harmony.

Meditative Sound Healing

Perfect for Yoga Classes and Retreats

This offering promotes relaxation and ​connection with the higher self. The musical ​sound healing offers attendees a beautiful, ​meditative experience that intentionally ​infuses tones to release what no longer ​serves, opens the heart, and transports the ​imagination. Art integration can be included.

Frequency Healing

Perfect for Private Sessions

This offering is an Acutonics® harmonic ​healing, a one-on-one vibrational sound ​healing treatment. Rooted in Oriental ​Medicine, it uses precision-calibrated tuning ​forks and singing bowls to harmonize the ​body’s meridian and chakra energy systems. ​The rich vibration of the forks and sound of ​the bowls brings the body into harmony.

Upcoming Events

Ashley holds weekly and monthly events throughout Colorado. ​View her Instagram bio or use the button below.

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“Ashley’s beautiful music goes beyond the bowls and ​offers that magical gift for a one of a kind experience. Her ​calming presence adds to the healing that is possible ​when you have a session with her.”


“Ashley has been such a pleasure to work with! She holds ​sound healings at Yoga Pearl at least once a month and ​they are always well received and enjoyed. She has such a ​positive attitude, I always look forward to collaborating ​with her.”


“Ashley is such a gifted sound healer. She puts an ​incredible amount of thought and positive energy into ​each of her sessions.”



I would love to enhance your next event with sound healing or live painting.

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